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Traineras experience and Zumaia’s Flysch, a Game of Thrones setting

8 Max.

7 hrs.



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Per person

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Ready to try one of the ancient Basque traditional Sports? Get immersed in a real regatta experience and feel like being part of the crew

Traineras have their origins linked to fishing. The owner of the boat, who would sit on the back side, would be the one guiding the rowers to try to get the best fishing spots to sell the catch later on in the local fishing markets. It happened that the boats that would bring the fish earlier to the shore would get the best prices in the market, which made the fishing become a sort of competition among the fishermen. As time passed by, the purpose of the traineras started changing to the point that it ended up evolving to one of the most important traditional sports in the Basque lands, where the first official competitions date from 1854. Furthermore, the rowers are very highly considered among the locals due to the well-known effort that they make in each competition. Sounds interesting? Well, then imagine that you can have the chance to share the experience in a trainera and row among professionals and be one more of the crew!

In this tour, we will drive 20 mins from San Sebastian to one of the natural heart centers of the basque country, the Oria river. We will start in a top quality spot, where you will be introduced to the professional rower teammates who will start sharing the first tips for the journey. Once you know everything that is necessary, it will be time for teamwork and as the tradition says, you will be one of the honoured ones taking the boat to the water with the rest of the team. Later on you will row shoulder to shoulder, feeling first hand what being a rower is and learning the importance of generosity and honesty in this team sport, while you hear all the commands from the leader of the boat, surrounded by a magnificent view and the sounds of nature. 

Once we are done with the traineras experience, we will head on a short walk to Zumaia’s Flysch, home for some of the scenes from Game of Thrones and part of the UNESCO Geothermal park. After that mind blowing moment of seeing those dramatic cliffs, it will be time for a gourmet picnic meal in an exclusive spot with excellent views of the Basque coast.

What’s Included
Luxury transportation from the hotel.
Local guide throughout the whole activity.
The Trainera and a professional crew.
Rows and life jacket.
Rows and life jacket.
7 Hours
8 Max people per group
Meeting point Hotel lobby
Suitable for every fitness level.