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Sail your way to Getaria

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6 hrs.


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Want to feel like a real local and embark in a sailing boat like the old famous Basque sailors to make it to Getaria?

Basque sailors have been known as some of the bravest ones in history since ancient times. Many of them were an active part of the discovery of the Americas and all the subsequent expeditions. Legends said that Basque sailors faced the Kraken, sirens, islands with giants, dwarfs, fire and enormous volcanoes, … That is just legends, but nowadays it is still a land where the passion for sailing and fishing can be appreciated in every coastal area. There won’t be any need to compare with the Basque sailors of the legends, but you’ll be able to enjoy a scenic sailing experience from the comfort of our premium sailboats.

In this tour, we will depart from the fishing port of San Sebastian and we will gently sail through the beauty of the Cantabric sea while we get unbeatable views of the city as we leave it behind. Once we leave La Concha bay, we will set our coordenades with our destination to Getaria, a traditional fishing village that still preserves the architecture of the Belle Epoque with its rubble-stoned streets and historical buildings. Our expert guides will take you into a tour of this hidden gem destination, to catch the vibes of the local people, breathe the culture that surrounds each corner and understand the importance of the gastronomy for the locals, which is their favorite way for socializing. Thus, Getaria is known as one of the top gastronomic destinations in the Basque country, specially known for its spectacular grills, and you will be able to try it yourself in one of its exclusive restaurants that will delight the most demanding palates. In addition to that, there will be the option to visit Balenciaga’s museum, the most international haute couture Spanish designer of all times, who was born in that little village. Make sure to choose the option in the reservation process.

What’s Included
Luxury transportation return trip to hotel with driver.
Local guide throughout the whole excursion.
Premium sailing boat.
Walking tour of Getaria.
Traditional Lunch at a local restaurant.
6 Hours
8 Max people per group
Meeting point Hotel lobby
Optional visit to Balenciaga museum in Getaria.
This activity is subject to the tides and sea conditions.