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Pelota Vasca (Jai Alai) journey of traditions

8 Max.

6 hrs.


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The Jai Alai is one of the most famous traditional regional sports, full of history and culture. Want to be part of it?

The origin of the Basque Pelota dates from the early 1700s, with the decline of the french jeu de paume, when instead of playing face to face, Basque people started playing against a wall. It consists of a two wall’s court (One in front and another on the left hand side) known as frontón in Spanish or pilotaleku in Basque language, where the players hit the ball against the wall within a limited area that is drawn with different lines. Nowadays, it is one of the most important traditional sports in the Basque country and undoubtedly the one that counts with more supporters that follow the matches with high levels of passion. There are different kinds of Basque Pelota as it can be played with hands, racquets or with traditionally handmade wicker baskets.

In this activity you will be able to be part of the Basque history and get immersed in the traditions from the hands of our local insiders. You’ll have an introduction to Basque pelota from a professional player to start getting familiar with the origins of this regional sport exactly from where it was born, a frontón and with the comfort of a private experience. Later on, we will assist a traditional ball and wicker workshop where a local artisan will show us in detail about the hand made work behind the scenes, learned from generation after generation. Once that we have been immersed into the culture, intricacies and history, it will be time to have a private lesson with a professional player or pelotari (word for the pelota players in Basque language) where you’ll be able to feel like a local and learn a sport that is endemic to this part of the world. After the hands on moment, we will make hay while the sun shines and we will head to Getaria, a fishing village known as a gastronomic destination where grilled fish has become an art, to enjoy a traditional lunch in an exclusive restaurant.

What’s Included
Luxury transportation return trip to hotel with driver.
Ball and wicker basket traditional workshop.
Private lesson with a professional player.
English spoken local guide throughout the whole activity.
Entrance fees to the private fronton.
Materials needed for the private lesson (Balls, baskets, etc.).
Traditional lunch.
6 Hours
8 Max people per group
Meeting point Hotel lobby
Suitable for every fitness level.