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The best Madrid taverns: a tapas walking tour

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Enjoy these gastronomic pieces of heaven as an insider away from tourist trap bars

When we talk about Spanish cuisine, one of the first words that comes to most minds is ‘tapas’. There are different theories about the origin of this tradition and why we call it “tapas”. You will talk about them with our local expert while you enjoy a good glass of wine or a soft drink and a delicious appetizer. You will learn the meaning of a verb that us Spaniards love: “tapear”, hopping from a tavern to another in a great selection chosen by our local expert for you. 

In some of them, famous Spanish and international writers, singers, politicians, etc. enjoyed themselves before us. Some places look like “frozen in time”, some others are modern and show us how our city and our cuisine don’t stop evolving, getting better. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the history, authenticity and cuisine of Madrid! The perfect way to devour this city in every sense of the word.

What’s Included
A wide selection of traditional Spanish tapas washed down with recommendations of local wines, beer, softs or water.
Local expert guide throughout the whole activity: Madrid highlights, insider’s tips, a first immersion into the “tapas” culture.
4 Hours
6 Max people per group
Meeting point Hotel lobby
Dietary restrictions: we cater for all diets and work hard so everybody can enjoy this incredible experience. However, we strongly recommend you keep in mind that vegan options are very limited and cross contamination at bars cannot be avoided.
The area we are going to visit is just a 10' walk from your hotel. It is a nice, pleasant stroll through narrow streets, little squares and some pedestrian areas. The whole tour is on foot, and though it is not very demanding, in the end you will spend about max. 4 hrs. walking or standing. Choose your shoes carefully!
Taverns are small and often get crowded. This lively atmosphere is part of the experience. Our guide will be there for you to work it out smoothly, just keep in mind that the apparent chaos is one of the characteristics of this not at all tourist-oriented show.