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San Sebastian historical walking tour

8 Max.

3 hrs.

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Kings, Queens, spies, the intricacies of the Belle Epoque… Become an expert and get to know the unique history of this majestic city

How does it sound that San Sebastian is the city with more Michelin-starred restaurants per square meter, where Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote part of his book “Fiesta”, where Cristóbal Balenciaga had his first atelier back in 1924 or where the most famous “pintxo”, the local name for small gourmet bites, is named Gilda, after Rita Hayworth’s heroine. Well, this is just a little appetizer!

San Sebastian still keeps the vibes of the great aristocratic times and the elegance of the Belle Epoque, reflected in the astonishing La Concha bay, the majestic architecture of the plazas, the bridges and the historical buildings. Each corner has its own history and you can breathe culture and traditions all around, mixed with the elegance of a city that has it all.

We’ll snake our way down through places like the old quarter, the Cathedral of El Buen Pastor, La Bretxa market and some other highlights while enjoying some off-the-beaten-path secrets from our local guide. And if you ever hear locals talking in some crazy language that certainly does not sound like Spanish, no worries. You are just listening to the Basque language, known as euskera, which is the oldest living language in Europe and you might even have a basic grasp of it by the end of the tour.

What’s Included
Local guide throughout the whole tour, starting and ending at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra.
3 Hours
8 Max people per group
Meeting point Hotel lobby
Please keep in mind that the whole tour is on foot, and though it is not demanding, in the end you will spend about 2,5 - 3 h walking or standing. Choose your shoes carefully!